PG Program in Spa Management (PGPSM)--- --- ---Duration:12 Months | On Job Training: 3 Months | Number of Credits: 80, 1200 Hours | Theory- 675 Hours| Practical - 525 Hours | Eligibility: Graduates with medical background (BNYS, BAMS, BUMS, BSMS, BHMS, BDS, MBBS, BPT, BSc Nursing, etc.)


The main aim of PG Program in Spa Management Program is to equip students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in employment in the spa industry at supervisory or management level. The program has a comprehensive curriculum that can help prepare students and working professionals to take on management responsibilities in a spa environment. The program is structured to offer you progressive development of academic skills, professional spa skills, knowledge and critical thinking embedded in workplace practices. After successfully completing this program, you will have developed necessary skills and management techniques to start your career in one of the various fields of spa industry and could even start up your own business.

  • PGPSM 1.1 Spa Industry Basics
  • PGPSM 1.2 Foundations of Effective Communication
  • PGPSM 1.3 Personality Development and Grooming
  • PGPSM 1.4 Fitness Management and Personal Training
  • PGPSM 1.5 Nutrition and Dietetics
  • PGPSM 1.6 Yoga
  • PGPSM 1.7 Spa Therapies: Principles and Practice
  • PGPSM 1.8 Front Office Management
  • PGPSM 2.1 Business Writing Skills
  • PGPSM 2.2 Marketing and Promotion for Spa
  • PGPSM 2.3 Principles of Finance Management
  • PGPSM 2.4 HR Management
  • PGPSM 2.5 Principles of Management
  • PGPSM 2.6 Production and Service Operations Management
  • PGPSM 2.7 ICT for Spas
  • PGPSM 2.8 Advertisement and Public Relations
  • PGPSM 3.1 Aesthetics
  • PGPSM 3.2 Guest Relations Management
  • PGPSM 3.3 Spa Housekeeping
  • PGPSM 3.4 First Aid and Safety Management
  • PGPSM 3.5 Basic Spa Engineering
  • PGPSM 3.6 Pilates and Aerobics
  • PGPSM 3.7 Spa Operations Management
  • PGPSM 3.8 Panchakarma
  • PGPSM 4.1 Internship and Organizational Study Report based on the Internship
  • PGPSM 4.2 Research Methodologies and Project Work
  • PGPSM 4.3 Viva Voce
Assessment methods

Candidates are continuously and comprehensively assessed through a range of methods from written assignments or examinations to practical demonstrations. You will be assessed against each unit of competency within the program. Demonstrating competency in completing key tasks and activities is a key element of the program.