PG Program in Spa Marketing Management (PGPSMM)--- --- ---Duration: 8 Months | On Job Training: 2 Months | Number of Credits: 54, 810 Hours | Theory- 390 Hours | Practical - 420 Hours | Eligibility: Graduates of any discipline or individuals with proficiency in spa environment.


PG Diploma in Spa Marketing Management is designed to help students to develop a comprehensive understanding of all major components of marketing and their integration with spa industry. The program provides the skills and knowledge to successfully market to different customers and build long-term profitable relationships with them. By completing this program, executives will have the ability to enhance their spa’s profitability and market position.

  • PGPSMM 1.1 Introduction to Spa therapies
  • PGPSMM 1.2 Principles of Spa Management
  • PGPSMM 1.3 Fundamentals of Management
  • PGPSMM 1.4 Principles of Service Marketing
  • PGPSMM 1.5 Marketing Communications
  • PGPSMM 1.6 Marketing and Consumer Behavior
  • PGPSMM 1.7 Marketing Research
  • PGPSMM 1.8 Creative Writing
  • PGPSMM 2.1 Advertising and PR
  • PGPSMM 2.2 Revenue Management
  • PGPSMM 2.3 Distribution and Logistics
  • PGPSMM 2.4 International Marketing
  • PGPSMM 2.5 Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion
  • PGPSMM 2.6 Digital Marketing and Website Management
  • PGPSMM 2.7 Relationship Marketing
  • PGPSMM 2.8 Graphic Design
  • PGPSMM 2.9 Organizational study Report based on OJT
  • PGPSMM 3.0 Project Work
  • PGPSMM 3.1 Viva Voce
Assessment methods

Candidates are continuously and comprehensively assessed through a range of methods from written assignments or examinations to practical demonstrations. You will be assessed against each unit of competency within the program. Demonstrating competency in completing key tasks and activities is a key element of the program.