B Level Program in Spa Therapy (BPST)--- --- ---Duration: 9 Months | On Job Training: 3 Months | Number of Credits: 54, 810 Hours | Theory- 390 Hours | Practical - 420 Hours | Eligibility: +2 or higher qualification or a pass in DST or 1 year experience as therapist in Spa


This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a broad range of beauty therapy treatments and work as a skilled spa therapist involving personal responsibility in performing complex beauty therapies and fitness regimens in a spa or wellness facility. The curriculum equips the candidates with relevant knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, and inculcates comprehensive knowledge and skill in spa therapies that enable them to work individually or alongside allied health professionals as a qualified spa therapist.

  • ADST I.1 Basics of Anatomy and Physiology
  • ADST 1.2 Introduction to Study of Skin
  • ADST 1.3 History and Origin of Spa
  • ADST 1.5 Basics of Yoga
  • ADST 1.6 Fitness Management
  • ADST 1.7 Spa Therapies: Principles and Practice
  • ADST 2.1 Basics of Spa Management
  • ADST 2.2 Marketing for Spa
  • ADST 2.3 Introduction to Complementary & Alternative Therapies
  • ADST 2.4 First Aid and Safety Management
  • ADST 2.5 Communication Skills
  • ADST 2.6 Spa Housekeeping
  • Massages
  • Body Treatments
  • Yoga
  • Gym
Assessment methods

Candidates are continuously and comprehensively assessed through a range of methods from written assignments or examinations to practical demonstrations. You will be assessed against each unit of competency within the program. Demonstrating competency in completing key tasks and activities is a key element of the program.