Certificate Program in Yoga & Fitness (CYF)--- --- ---Duration: 1 Month | Number of Credits: 7,105hours | Eligibility: 12th or higher


Yoga and fitness practices are becoming an important part of pro-active wellness philosophy in this era where physical and mental strain has become a part of the life. This program arms you with the fundamental skills and knowledge to yoke the traditional science of Yoga and modern fitness practices. This qualification will help you score an exciting job as a Yoga and Fitness Specialist, Gym Operations instructor or as a Personal Trainer.

  • CYF1.1 Introduction to Fitness
  • CYF1.2 Communicative English
  • CYF1.3 Basics of Anatomy and Physiology
  • CYF1.4 Fundamentals of Yoga/li>
  • CYF1.5 Fundamentals of Exercise Therapy
  • CYF1.6 Yoga Practicum
  • CYF1.7 Fitness Practicum
Assessment methods

Candidates are continuously and comprehensively assessed through a range of methods from written assignments or examinations to practical demonstrations. You will be assessed against each unit of competency within the program. Demonstrating competency in completing key tasks and activities is a key element of the program.